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It's the end of my first day on holiday and I have survived! We left about 1:30pm to 2pm and it took just over two hours to get here. I think thats good because its about a 3 hour car journey! We aimed to leave about 12pm but we always leave late! I hate packing so much! It's the most stressful thing in the world ever and I never have enough time! I always pack way too much and stuff l will probably never need!

The cottage is old and stone built and part of a farm. We have our own area and there is chickens (and 3 cocks) and 2 horses right outside our door! *cue hilarious joke* Quite frankly its the most cock l have had in a long time!! haha

It's so hilly here and the houses are all on the hillside! It's so Hollywood darling!

We had dinner at a pub and I had Scampi and chips and about to try and go to sleep! I still don't feel my best, but survived the first day! What we do tomorrow depends on the weather

I am gonna try and get to sleep now! I hate sleeping in a foreign bed. I hardly ever have problems sleeping and just fall asleep into a deep coma where nothing will disturb me! But when I am away from my bed, I really realise how my poor insomnic friends feel! I do believe after many nights it could lead to insanity!

I feel in bed so hot and sweaty and then so cold and it's like impossible to get to sleep! I hope l just fall asleep fairly easy and the cockerals \ roasters don't wake me up at 5am! lol

more tomorrow....

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