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putting the cunt into country baby! (as Rupaul once blogged)

Happy 19th Birthday to pyrokittybiatch for today darling!

I am being forced by my family to go holidaying tomorrow! We are going to the middle of nowhere to stay in a cottage! If there is no mobile network I will just have to kill myself! ARGH I need to access the net and email on my phone! We are going to Derbyshire for 7 days and we are going Saturday to Saturday. I feel still so crappy but everyone just tells me "just go!"

Our cottage is in a little village/town of Darley Dale which even has its own website on-line *gasp* darleydale.gov.uk Out cottage is right here It won't let me link the page directly, so click on the only cottage that comes up. There is a interesting stone cycle in the area called "the nine ladies" apparently.

I hate being away from home and I hate staying in a strange bed! Also 7 days is the longest I have been away since being unwell :( I will just take loads of drugs with me!

I shall be updating my livejournal daily about what I get up too, by email! ugh I hope they are not all negative and I want to kill myself etc!

It will be fine! I shall send postcards, if they have paper in the country!

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