Daniel (shoppingqueen) wrote,


Never make stuff really late at night, eg 2am! It always goes wrong! I think of the time azothColonial Rusty tried to re write his entire website at like 4am, really drunk and deleted it entirely for at least a day!

Anyway I made a mistake with the anonymous version of my ask me a question poll and its viewable to all doh! I wondered why no one posted in that box! kuzanagi_ pointed it out to me, and I never realised at all!

Ask Me a Question? with your question being public still works fine right here

But if you want to ask me a question anonymously, so your name is not revealed and only I can see your question, use this box here...

Poll #271351 ask me a question anonymously

Ask me anything you want to know anonymously!?

no- one else can see the poll answers now, doh!

I wish it was possible to edit polls after they were made ;)
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