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Ask me a Question

Have I ever done this? I forget! I don't think I have done this before! ugh my English grammar just gets worse and worse.

Anyway, ask me a question, any question you want to know! I have the legal right to refuse to answer though!

There is two choices! You can either ask me a question from you, or you can ask me a question and no one else can ever read it, and I will say its from anon :)

o Questions posted in this poll box, will be displayed publicly and viewable by all

Poll #271090 ask me a question

Ask me anything you want to know!?

o Questions posted in this poll box, will only be viewable by me and will remain anonymous

* I made a mistake and the second poll box, it accidently shows all postings publically doh! Use the box that I have made right here if you want to leave me a question that no one but me can view! :)
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