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losing my sanity

I am so bad at the moment not getting anything done. I have felt unwell for 2 weeks or so, but its not like flu really. But I have been more exhausted than I have ever been in my life. Has my whole health just got a lot worse and its not gonna improve argh.

I went shopping with my father at a supermarket on Thursday and felt so unwell in there. I guess I survived though. We met some old family friends who I had not seen for years. The mother for the family was now so thin! It frightened me. She looked like she has some horrid illness but apparently she just got really into dieting. But she has gone too thin and you can see her neck is all weird from it all. It is possible to lose too much dieting.

I am gonna try and update more I promise :) I spent ages working on a web page for my site yesterday and updating it and then I went to upload it to ftp, but accidentally I downloaded the version on-line over the top of the one on my hard drive! ARGH! I lost all my work. I am trying to update all the people who have me on their portals. Scarily on my old set of links, only one portal is still going and that is Mc Rusty's!

I am feeling so tired today but its probably cos I lost an hour of sleep last night as we are now on British Summer Time (except its so not Summer!) I noticed Windows XP doesn't bother to tell you that its gone forward one hour any more :)

Other good news is that I finally last night got Quake (1) to work on Windows XP. I love XP, but all my old dos games! wargh! Now I want to get my other faves to work :)

My health is just weird, so tired and exhausted and more anxious than ever. Also I keep getting this thing where my eyelids spasm! I just searched for it online and its mainly caused by tiredness! ARGH I do feel like my health is driving me to insanity

I need pro plus hourly

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