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News of the Day

I am gonna try posting my top5 news stories of each day, that I have seen on-line. Hopefully it will last a while, till I get bored :) Also I am going to try 1 tv choice of the day! Some people have been complaining I never post it any more shockingly!

I am still feeling unwell. It's weird I am just really really exhausted, more than I have ever been, no matter how much sleep I get!

Anyway for the first time, this is my top 5 news picks of the day.....

o Mercedes McCambridge who was the demon voice in The Exorcist has died at the age of 85! She won an Oscar and did several other film roles, but she recorded the horrid possessed voice for The Exorcist, and if you have the DVD version of the film, you can hear the recordings and she used to have to smoke loads before it was recorded! Unfortunately when the film was first released she was not credited for her role, and everyone always thought the voice was Linda Blair. Only subsequent releases of the film then credited her. Even though it must have been horrid to do, her contribution to The Exorcist was amazing, and she looks so pretty and gorgeous in photos. Like the old movie stars of years gone by! BBC News Story

o The Osbournes have decided to move back to the UK, because "the people are real". I love the Osbournes lots, and they are a wonderful insane family to watch and I love the soon to be cancelled Sharon Osbourne Show, but my only complaint is that I find it very hypocritical! Often in her show, Sharon says that she loves the Americans and they have been so good to her and her family, and have let them live there over the years making money. Now they want to move back, so that Ozzy can end his days in the UK. I wonder if they will be allowed to bring all their dogs with them. Can you get a dog passport as far as America? I thought it was just some European countries. I still love the family I guess. They are dysfunctional and crazy, but at least they are all honest with each other. DigitalSpy News Story

o I saw this story from bigal's livejournal. There is a "feature" in WindowsXP that allows you to crash it, using a key combination! You do have to edit your registry first, its not a simply bug that's already there, but does allow you to purposely blue screen your system! TweakXP News Story

o MTV's Real World has pulled out of Philly after it got in massive disputes using labourers who were not in unions. I have not watched Real World for years because got bored of it, but there used to be a really good website on-line about Real World Seattle. Basically the filming pissed loads of local people off. I can't find the website now via google. They used to close off public streets for them to film them walking along etc. The whole making of the show and everything seems very fake. It's not these people living a real life on camera, its a tv life being filmed totally artificially. The show will be relocated. DigitalSpy News Story

o Toilets are cleaner than computers- Rich sent me this news story that's a few days old. A study by the University of Arizona found that people's work stations had more germs per inch than a toilet! The worst contender being the phone! I just wanted to post it for all my OCD friends ;) No one is safe! The Register News Story

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