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I woke up.

mew, it's raining. God bless this country

How I look on webcam is freaky lol. Previously I was pregnant and glowing and this week I am drunk and stoned LOL. I predict next week I will look....


Incidentally looking up how to spell that word on dictionary.com there is a cool word..
androphobia - n : a morbid fear of men (which amused me).

Also "Andro" means male/masculine, so how does it go into androgynous. The origin of words.

I'm doing a little survey for once!....

stolen from everyone's journal

Number of people on my LJ friends list: 31
whom I've met in person: 0, I don't meet people on the net for my own safety lol. That's such a lie, I have met 2 old friends, but too anxious about meeting people. I have spoken to 3 people on the phone, does that count?
whom I've met in person more than once: ø
whose house I've been to: none
who have been to my house: none
whose precise geographic location I know off hand: 18/31 I am good!
whose full names I know off hand: 8
whom I've followed/been in touch with for more than 3 years: 3
who live outside my country: Everyone, did you know there is no British people on my journal, weird! lol
whose journals I consider myself "addicted" to: I get addicted to all journals, which is like really sick and voyeuristic lol
whom I've lived with: 0
whose ex I slept with: 0 at the moment
who I'd do: Everyone on my list
who I've done: Only Kyra during phone sex LOL kidding none ;)

That's the end 0)

Hope you have a luvvvly day today! Kyra and Sarah. I am jealous you at meeting hehe, but have a good time ;)

Since my parents went to New Zealand at Christmas, I have become addicted to Kiwi fruit. I hated it before! I hate anything that has 'bits in'. It's a kindda phobia. eg yogurt with fruit bits, and orange juice (I have to strain- but I like orange made in our juicer machine fresh). The kiwi fruit in slices in fruit salads, I have had before was nice, but hated the seeds. But anyway coming back from NZ, they had these special Kiwi Tools. They are like a yellow plastic spoon. One end if a scoop and the other is a knife type thing. You cut down one side and scoop! I am so addicted to them now ,and they have more Vitamin C, than any citrus fruit! yum

current addictions: kiwi fruit, kiwi birds and nelly furtado

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