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computer is fixed yey!

I got my computer back on Monday night fixed yey!
Apparently in the power supply, a capacity had blown and only some electricity was getting into the computer. That is why I could hear a fan turning it on and some lights and stuff came on, but nothing else!

It should have cost £39.99 to check my computer out, plus any parts, but it cost £14.99 for a new power supply unit and £14.99 for the labour, which is sooo good!

I don't even think they looked through all my pr0n!

I am still catching up with everything, finally today finished downloading thousands of emails! Most of it mailing list type insanity stuff. I still have loads of people to reply to etc. I will catch up in about a year :)

its just so good to have my computer back! I cannot live without it! argh!
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