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if the world was going to end and I had to buy one final thing....

I am still alive but mostly offline cos my dad's computers slowness drives me insane! Computer is currently in the repair shop! My current prediction on what is wrong with my computer is the mother board is dead from a p0rn overload!

Rusty your site seems dead love! I cannot handle the whole lycos thing again, and thats just from a viewer/stalker/fan/lover, you must be going insane (-er than usual!)

I am currently addicted to the Scissor Sister's album "Scissor Sisters". I keep reading reviews that its the best thing ever and brought it and it really is!

Scissor Sisters!

buy it/ steal it/ download it/ borrow it/ etc, its just so brilliant! They are from NYC, but seem to mostly be promoted and released in Europa! I obviously don't condone getting it via illegal methods and stealing it from your best friend, but its so good!
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