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The Crap-o-La Update

The good news is that I an still alive, but the bad news is my computer has died :(

I leave my computer online all weekends (it has dial up not broadband) downloading stuff and I woke up this morning and it was dead. All the lights on the pc tower were on and it was like frozen! I turned off the plug and when I try to load the cd-rom light is on, but the hard drive activity light is red and nothing loads :( I can hear a fan going inside grrr.

Just before christmas 2002 I woke up one day and the puter was dead. It had no power at all! I turned it off properly the night before. Me & my Father took it to a small shop, which is in a chain of shops that make my computer. Its a small company rather than one of the evil time/tiny/packard bell/dell chains.

The shop is quite far from our house, like about 45mins on the M25 in this town called Egham. We did so well out of it though. We took it there and thought the 2 year warranty was up, but it wasn't! The power supply unit had gone but in a power surge! They had to replace the cpu and lots of stuff. We got back a computer in a new tower, with a AMD processor, with more ram. We did very well out of it, the only original like thing was the hard drive, I swear! lol There was even more usb ports.

Now I am sure the warranty has expired. I dunno there is power on the computer but its not booting at all. grrr fuck! I have to get it repaired and hopefully not lose anything. Plus they might find my p0rn directory lol!

I am using my dad's PC its so annoying and slow and is win98! I forgot how many times the explorer crashes lol

So god knows what happened to it and how much it will take to cost! It has a surge protector, and also if there is power surges, why is it only affecting that? We have another pc in another room and lots of electrical stuff plugged in all the time! I remember years ago in a lightning storm, it killed our answering machine! It literally frizzled! Fortunately it was still under guarantee hehe!

Anyway its gonna be hard living with hardly any net and everything I want is on that computer! argh!

I need it repaired and really fast! :)

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