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Everyone is dying around me!

You think I'm kidding?

I starting going to counselling in April/ May 2002. I was always very against the idea, and didn't believe that I would find out anything that I couldn't already get from support groups or meeting people similar to me on-line.

Anyway I started counselling at my local counselling service. Its part of the local Catholic Abbey, but is not part of the Abbey at all in religious terms, I guess it just uses one of the Abbey houses for its location. They evaluate you, and match you up with someone. They do counselling for everything, grief, etc.

I wanted counselling for anxiety and panic. They wanted me it may me hard to match me up with someone because the people who work there, do so voluntary and its not a psychiatric ward with Dr's etc. They are all qualified though. They phoned me and said they had found someone for me. I would have to do 6 weeks minimum. I so didn't want it!

I went for nearly 2 years and the guy they found me was called Tim. He used to work for the BBC, but became more and more unhappy with that job and decided to do a degree in Psychology and then did a counselling course and became a counsellor. He used to be a alcoholic, and mostly counselled alcoholics. Apparently my situation was slightly similar in that alcoholics don't think they can handle "things" and they have anxiety etc when they don't have something to cope.

I saw Tim until about last Summer. He did help me and gave me rational suggestions about my anxiety and irrational fears. I had been doing more things since too.

Early last year, he was quite ill for about a month. ill like in hospital on a ventilator. He seemed to get illnesses very nastily. My father always said he was very thin, like "emaciated" (I always get that word confused with "emcipated" doh!). I saw him again and he was trying to give up smoking, because he was having nasty breathing illnesses fairly often.

Last August, in the Summer, he phoned and said he could not do that week as he was ill. He sounded very ill on the phone and breathless. My counselling service sent me a letter saying he was going on sick leave, and did I want to change counsellors or wait for him? I did not want to start all over again, how stressful!

I got a really sad letter today :( it sad...

from:- Ealing Abbey Counselling Service
Dear Mr. John,

It is with sadness that we are letting you know that Tim Bloomfield died last week of complications from a long standing illness.

He has not been able to work for a number of months.

He is survived by this mother.

With kind regards,
Dr. Kate Maguire

It's really sad :( He was in his 40's / 50's I think. I really think that he had some really nasty illness, like lung cancer or something. :(

So now I have to work out if I want a new councillor there, or I am thinking about trying a hypnotherapy /nlp councillor.

as Rich sweetly said in a text message today, "You killed your counsellor?"

sad :( I'm going to send his family a card c/o the counselling service.

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