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looking into my crystal ball

I was sent a survey in the post asking me what I thought of some musical artists and also new albums being releasing during 2004. Its from a group of different record companies conducting research. The question was, which new albums from artists would I definitely buy, might buy, unlikely to buy, and definitely would not buy?

I saved the info, and these artists all have new products coming out during this year. Although obviously it might be pushed back or never realised etc etc.... This is for the the UK musical market.

The artists in bold I would definitely buy!

Artists with 'Greatest Hits' albums coming out during 2004

  • Shakin' Stevens

  • David Essex

  • Johnny Mathis

  • Roy Orbison

  • Barbara Dickson

  • Cyndi Lauper - I don't own anything by her, but wanna buy her greatest hits :)

  • Gloria Estefan - Didn't she have her second greatest hits album only like last year?

  • Harry Connick

  • Tammy Wynette - might actually buy it, although I don't like most country, I don't hate it or love it. I loved her though. Although I only really know her from working with the KLF

  • ELO

  • Isley Brothers

  • Santana - I might buy it!

  • Miles Davis - for my father who loves him. When I told my father there is a new greatest hits coming out by him, he said, didn't he die ages ago and already about 10 hits albums have been released ;)

Artists with 'brand new' albums coming out during 2004

  • Delta Goodrem - Australian artist from the tv show 'Neighbours'. Recently announced she had cancer in a Anastacia type of way. I don't care I find her music mind-numbingly dull

  • Lemar - his eyes scare me! the whites of his eyes! argh!

  • Jamie Cullum

  • Simon And Garfunkel

  • Evanescence - I would probably not buy their album, but do like them. The lead singer / former opera singer women is amazing. The whole Christian Goth band thing scares me though.

  • Beyoncé - might buy

  • Big Brovaz- might buy

  • Destiny's Child

  • The Coral

  • Charlotte Church - only released possibly if she is not a cocaine addict, locked up in jail by the release date ;)

  • Jamiroquai - I don't own anything by them, but I do like them and they are from my Borough of London :)

  • Lighting Seeds

  • Manic Street Preachers - my mother will probably buy it!

  • Super Furry Animals

  • Tenacious D

  • Good Charlotte

  • Jennifer Lopez - I only own her first album, I like her dance songs, but girlfriend the gangster thing is over! If you're some ghetto bitch from the Bronx, then I am the guy Paris Hilton sleeps with in the internet spreading videos ;)

  • Anastacia - yey!

Albums not on the list, but I know its being released this year

  • Janet Jackson - Only gets half bold, I will probably buy it, but I pray its better than her last album. Rule of the day, never ever fall out/sack/divorce the person who wrote most of your successful songs, it only leads to dreadful albums. Please bring back Rene Elizondo all is forgiven!


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