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Today's TV Choices

Spent the past 24 hours moving my site to lovely Dave's new hosting. ugh it was just as stressful and annoying as I ever thought it would be. Just little problems that are so fiddly and annoying and drive you insane, things no longer work etc. I am never moving house ;)

Things I am definitely gonna watch tonight:-

Friends (E4, 9pm) - The one where Monica gets a Room-mate E4 are showing the first ever/ pilot episode of Friends. I started watching Friends in season 2 and never saw the first season till after the 2nd. After a million seasons I guess E4/ Channel4 are holding new Friends back for as long as possible before the end! just like Sex and the City. Spread it out over years lol. Rachel runs out on her wedding and meets old school friend Monica who has a vacancy in her apartment. Ross is depressed over his collapsed marriage and tells everyone how he used to have a crash on Rachel in school. According to Popbitch a few weeks ago, Jennifer Aniston used to be (and probably still is) a massive Jewish spoilt princess. Before Friends started she had a nose job, and there was before pics on popbitch and it was awful. Its terrible to say, but she does look better now

ER (E4, 9:30pm and 10:30pm) - The first two brand new episodes of the 10th series! Its so insane to think that ER started 10 years ago! The fabulous Parminder Nagra joins the series. If you don't have cable or satellite tv, both eps start on channel4 next Wednesday. new ER is like the only thing I look forwards to in January lol. After ER is two episodes of The Simple Life on E4.

other stuff that's good:-

Flesh and the Devil (Channel4, 9pm) - all about religious enforced celibacy and if its justified and the evidence of it leading to child abuse and rape. Does giving up sex for god, lead to urges beyond control.

Basic Instinct (ITV, 10:05pm) - Sharon Stone gives mini skirts a whole new meaning

Carrie (Channel4, 10:35pm) - I have never seen Carrie! But I think I have read the book. I always wanna see the movie but never do. I think I will just add the dvd to my monthly dvd rental club list.

I saw Scary Movie for the first time ever last night and I have always avoided it and it was not as bad as I thought it was. There was some good jokes/scenes in it. Plus hot guys in American football uniform! I am so easily pleased in a movie. Now I wanna see 2 and 3. 3 premiers in the UK this week :)

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