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Today's TV Choices

The TV is back, especially as there is a lot of new tv this week and new imports ;)

The Sharon Osbourne Show (Sky One, every weekday at 12:20pm and repeated at 2:30am) - Started on Monday, we finally get it over here! I have recorded the first two on video and not watched yet, but I wanna see it, especially her monologues about current affairs, wonderful :) (followed by The Russell Grant show which is a load of shit)

The Simpsons - Homer's Phobia (Sky One, 7:30pm) - repeat of the episode when Homer finds out his new friend John (the delectable John Waters) is a big gay homo and is too much of a influence on Bart!

Nip/ Tuck (Sky One, 10pm) - The biggest US hit this year allegedly this new season or possibly the only brand new show Sky One has brought which has not been cancelled already. The UK premiere of the series about morality and plastic surgery. Stars Joely Richardson and the gorgeous Australian Julian McMahon.

Julian is such a hottie and this is 5 random facts about him....

o his father used to be the prime minister of Australia
o was in Home & Away for years
o was married to Dannii Minogue (Kylie's sister)
o really tall (like 6ft2)
o not slept with me yet!

I am amazed he is now an American tv star after Charmed and Nip / Tuck and does a good American accent!

Anyway I am gonna video the show (as the opening show is 90mins long). You can't have misses the promotion for it, if you live in the UK. The HUGE billboards for it everywhere, in black and white and orange.

Other stuff you could watch tonight:-

Watchdog (BBC One, 7pm) - new series returns

The Brits 2004 - The Launch Party (ITV2, 8pm) - see the earlier announced nominations and cry how crap the Brit awards really are. They are no 'Grammies

Celebrity Fit Club (ITV, 8pm) - Brand new second series of z-list celebs trying to lose the pounds!

Most Haunted Unseen (LivingTV, 9pm) - repeating old episodes and adding "unseen new footage". ie just adding a minute or two of previously cut stuff.

Doctors and Nurses (BBC One, 10:35pm) - Brand new series which is shocking in that the BBC is trying to make another Sitcom and also that its another trying to copy Scrubs hospital comedy. The clips of it look awful in that its alright and makes you laugh but there is something missing and it will probably never come back into a second series. Why can no British tv channel make anything new and good? What was the last good new British Sitcom? AbFab 10 years ago? It stars Adrian Edmondson who as well as starring in Bottom and The Young Ones, is also the hubby of Jennifer Saunders and sings backing vocals on the AbFab theme in various seasons. I will watch it, but I don't expect anything!

Scrubs (Sky One, 11:30pm) - brand new season 3. repeated from last Sunday, in which Elliott decides to get a make-over and her new hair looks gorgeous! Glossy American SitCom and comedy as it should be done. plus my parents hate it, so its obviously brilliant :)

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