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the good news is that I am still alive! I dunno I have just been a bit off the net recently. I noticed everyone has phases and I go from permanently online a lot to at the moment, doing other things and not updating livejournal / doing email / chatting. I don't know why, I guess we are all insane.

Also I have been feeling a bit shitty recently and also I hate January! I really do hate this time of year now the Christmas decorations are down. Everything seems so gray, and dull and dark. The only good thing about January is that we start to get American tv imports coming on to channels, eg new ER! yey!

I wish Spring would hurry up ;)

In other news, after my last post about hosting and looking for new hosting, I have had a really kind offer. I am still suspicious of Kings Hosting. They are probably the best hosting in the world and really reliable, but you get so much for so cheap, and their page is so simple and basic. plus on their "help" page, all the pictures and images are broken! I dunno, anyway I was still in a dilemma about it all, and loads of people sent great recommendations about their hostings and then....

I got a email from the lovely Dave and he leases servers in America. He has offered to host me with a really generous, massive offer for free! I am gonna move my whole site there, but its gonna be such a bitch argh. I may be insane and have no hair left by next week ;) The worst is gonna be, if I can ever get movabletype working again, moving it on lol.

I have done lots of things over the years for people (normally to impress gorgeous guys), like donating some money or I brought I think 2 people livejournal to help them and although they thankyou, often you feel afterwards "why did I do that?" you get nothing back. I guess that there really is karma and it comes back to you. If you good stuff, good stuff happens back to you.

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