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Happy New Year!

its fun looking back through your livejournal calendar, especially when your first entry was the 25th July 2001 (which even talks about whistMiss Kyra!) and you have years of archives! You realise that you have the same thoughts every year. I find Christmas wonderful before the big day, but always its slightly depressing on the big day. Maybe I just have the wrong family, although I do love them.

I hate New Year though, it makes me depressed and bitter! I even wrote about it on the 2nd January 2002 New year is always crap and over-rated - I prefer Chinese/Asian New Year any day :)

And this is my journal entry last New Year's right here which involved drunken drag queen photos (true fact - if you put photos of someone in drag on your website, you get 400% more hits! straight men are so perverted, its true what they say, they want anything that even remotely looks like a lady to go down on them - Danielism)

and this year's New Years entry is just crappy! I was going to write lame but one of my new year's resolutions is not to use words that could be offensive to people with disabilities.
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