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Family Outsider and Mars

So I refused to go off to my grandma's today. I feel a bit guilty about it. My mum said some nasty things this morning, but my father said I did look ill and pale. I am really suffering from either a cold or the flu now. I have such a sore throat (no swallowing semen for Christmas money jokes please ;)) I do feel like a evil person in the family lol.

oh well I will go up and see her next time.

It feels so feckin' cold! There is loads of snow predicted across the UK, but probably not near London. Wow the max temp for my area currently is 3c or 37f. I thought it felt cold even with the heating blasting away. my local weather There is warnings of ice though. I am glad its just not my insanity that thinks its cold.

Tonight I am gonna watch John Carpenter's "Ghosts of Mars" although the reviews say its not the best film in the world ever. It reminds me and is connected on the imdb to a really old horror film which traumatised me in my youth called Quatermass and the Pit which is about strange things being found in a fictional London tube station and have dead aliens from Mars in a spaceship which control everyones will and start killing everyone with a weaker will. Apparently the movie is similar but not in black and white or in London.

I need candles and wine too! :)

(note about grammar in this post, I know how some people love to correct me all the time on aim ;) okay how do you write " everybodys will" everybodys' will? argh! damn my schooling! mwah xx)

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