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Today's TV Choices

I am so behind on lj comments ,its awful!
I think I have had something like chilli fries in the past, that's nachos with a chilli sauce on it and then cheese on top of it. It was a microwave meal from Marks and Spencers I think.

Must post later on about:-

o poor kitty and her stitches and lampshade over her head lol
o my diet since Monday and feeling shitty now ugh

anyway what to watch....

ChallengeTV has some brilliant tv every evening. tonight...

6pm - one hour of Takeshi's Castle (the best thing from Japan ever!)
7pm - Knightmare (at the time featured the most amazing computer graphics of the time. It looks dated now, but reminds me of my childhood, it is like 10 years old!)
7:30pm - Gamesmaster (another show from my childhood! It must be about 10 years old too. A old computer games show, but its so wonderful to watch it now and so retro! I watched it the other day and they had sonic like on the sega master system! awwww. The days when games had good game play, no matter what they looked like ;)

Art Deco Designs (UK Style, 8pm) - I hardly ever watch any of the UK network channels any more, just too many repeats of stuff I have seen, but a original series! Presented by Maureen Lipman (aka the mother from The Pianist), its a 6 part series on my fave art, Art Deco!

Dark Secrets: To Hell and Back - Tanjas's Story (Five, 11:35pm) - really disturbing but true story of Tanja Darke, from New Zealand, who was kept as a prisoner by her sadistic father for 23 years. Her father was is now in prison and was charged with imprisonment, beating her, raping her, and keeping her as a sex slave. Totally insane programme, but Tanja seems really calm and composing during her parts on camera. Maybe you can get through the most horrid nasty things, and it not ruin your life forever.

Make Japanese Your Business (BBC2- The Learning Zone, 4am) - more Japanese language yey! Really its for businesses and people who do some work with Japan, but its more language and culture!

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