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Alien Quadrilogy 9-Disc Special Edition

I have suddenly decided I wanna buy the DVD box set, cos I love the films. They were nearly all filmed entirely in the UK, which is so weird! I guess the studios are cheaper or something. *true fact* - When I was in my first school years ago, the welfare lady / nurse of the school's ex husband was the director of photography for the movie. I remember her telling me once, when I was sick and waiting for my parents to collect me from school, aged like 8 or something lol.

Her name was Mrs Ayling. So the other day I go to The Internet Movie Database and the really strange thing, is that its true! On the full credits of Alien (and on the end of the film) (full credits here) There is a entry that says...

Denys Ayling - director of photography: miniature effects

he has a imdb page here and it must all be true! Sadly he died in 1998 apparently, but its in my town, Ealing, London, UK!

I was nursed by his ex wife! darling I just mingle with celebrities!

(apparently some of the power station scenes in Aliens, was filmed somewhere around here in a disused area, but I have no idea exactly where. There is no massive power type tower type things.)

Anyway back on topic! I am such a nightmare at going off direction!

This post has turned MASSIVE, so I have made a lj cut and don't want to fill my friends list with my babblings. Read more on my lj cut and I need you vote on a decision!

I wanna buy the DVD box set ,but I have a dilemma. The region 1 (Americana) and region 2 (most of the world except America, including Japan and Europe, but not Australia etc) are slightly different. It would cost me about the same price to get either of them, but I only want one copy cos its pretty expensive but you get what you pay for baby, quality!! urmm back on topic again.

I shall make a list of the advantages of each....

Europe (region 2) Version

  • The actual version of my area, and will play in ALL players, where as Region 1 will only play on multi region or hacked players. My main dvd player is multi region, but if I wanted to watch region 1 on my computer, I can only change dvd regions on it 5 times before it locks forever! (god it seems so intense!)

  • I will get it much quicker than it coming over the sea, and also there is no danger of customs arresting me or charging me tax ugh! Or just giving me a random anal examination, oh wait that's an advantage

  • Buying it from the UK, will help its position in the DVD selling charts

  • The main advantage of the Euro version is the box is comes in. I dunno why, maybe someone could explain to me, but Americans are useless at packaging entertainment! (Japanese are the best, if only I didn't have to buy English versions of movies grrrr). American videotapes always come in those annoying paper cases, that get squeshed when you sit on them, where as we have nice plastic snap shut things. Every NTSC video I have ever brought comes in a cardboard thing, which you pull out the video from the bottom. American and English DVD's both have those digi-pack things except for box sets. American have these plastic packs which someone said online "you need to hire a stadium to open them all out", whereas the Euro's have these cardboard pop up opening things, with pockets and all sorts! Its so fancy! Really the better case is the only advantage and its like a "book" of films.

Region 2 version looks like this...

outside of box

Inside of Box

This version is out to buy on the 8th December.

USA (region 1) Version

  • The content on both versions is nearly exactly the same! There is the same number of discs and extras. The packaging is different, but the American one does have a nice standing out embossed font on the packaging.

  • The main difference is the menu system of all the movies. Its just better on the region 1 discs. Differences are...

    - each movie has two versions of itself, one is the released version and one is the directors version with new bits (apart from Aliens, which is the same as the Directors Cut already out). When you watch a new scene on the directors versions of the movies, you get a little flagging thing in the corner to tell you "its a deleted scene". You can turn that off ,its optional. If you watch the original version of the movies, you get a optional flag that says there is a new scene now, and you can go watch it from the 'Supplements' menu. This is absent from the European version.

    - In Alien³ there is occasional subtitles in the 30 minutes of new scenes, for bits that are hard to hear. All the deleted scenes are subtitled in the American version

    - The American version allows you to select different commentary audio modes on all versions of the films, eg the original and directors cut. However on the European one, you can only access the commentary only on the alternative cut of Aliens, and on the theatrical cuts of Alien, Alien 3 and Alien Resurrection.

    - There is a extra which demonstrates "script to screen" which is missing on the non-American version.

Region 1 version looks like this...

Outside of Box

Can't find any shots online of the inside packaging :(

This version is already out (came out today 02/12/03)

The American version came out on the

The differences are just like fairly minor, its not like massive discs missing, but argh I cannot decide :(

Also there was going to be a documentary about Alien³ called 'Wreckage And Rape - The Making Of Alien 3' that was removed by Fox on all versions at the last minute. It was a 30 min documentary about what a nightmare David Fincher was to work with on set. It was pulled at last minute and its thought to be because he did Fight Club for Fox and they don't want him portrayed in a bad light. However the extras that remain, have everyone praising the director which seems so false! Sigourney Weaver has said on TV that she would never work with him again because of some of his extreme moments on set. I am sad they cut it out :( Not cos he is a bad director, but because its interesting and they went through 2 directors and the film nearly totally collapsed. Alien³ is just the scrapes of film that could be put together and released and is nothing like the original plan, which was a monastery in space. :(

There is more all about Aliens the differences at this brilliant review right here

So here is my question, what version should I buy?

Poll #213912 Aliens version

What Version of Aliens Quadrilogy should I buy?

Region 1 (American)
Region 2 (European)

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