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Today's TV Choices

46664: The Concert in Association with MTV's Staying Alive (MTV, 8pm) - Charity concert from last week that was broadcast live on the interweb (if you have a good connection unlike me!) from Cape Town. Performers include Beyonce, Anastacia, Ms Dynamite and Bono. Yes fireloveMiss D, Anastacia!

Fifth Gear (Five, 8:30pm) - A special tonight about evil private wheelclampers!

Little Britain (BBC2, 10pm) - It's been on BBC3 already which I don't get, and now everyone can see it on BBC2! Loads of insane characters from Matt Lucas and David Walliams, and narrated by Tom Baker. I will watch the first episode and see what its like :)

Get Real (Channel4, 12:40am) - a gay British film, which did not get that many stars, and so is probably pretty crappy!

"British romantic drama about a gay schoolboy who falls in love with the school's star athlete. The pair keep their relationship secret from unsympathetic classmates but, as the relationship develops, coming out is the only option".

Alas it isn't p0rn :(
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