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Funniest Joke

My lovely friend Debs told me the most hilarious joke today. (she's single straight boys, and always available *LOL*).

She made it up and made me laugh loads and I personally think it's the funniest joke I have heard this year!

Where I live in West London is called "Ealing".

Q./ How is Ealing life? is it really like that Marvin Gaye song?
I was like huh???
A./ Sexual Ealing

It had me laughing for hours!

The funny thing is when I told Sister Kyra, she said ...
lovely kyra:- I knew the answer, i'm so clever.
me:- you have a icq over 400 dear
gorgeous ky:- ICQ?
me:- iq doh!

which was amusing too. I think I am high on tea and cannot stop posting in my journal today!
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