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Today's TV Choices

There is nothing really I wanna watch tonight, apart from possibly the new UK version of Joe Millionaire. I am not surprised at all that Joe Millionaire 2 died in America, you cannot do it twice really! Its a one off series!

Anyway Joe Millionaire UK is on tonight at 9pm, on E4, coming to Channel4 later. I wish I could show you a photo of the guy, but I cannot find any information about him on the web at all! There is no photos.

But in the TV adverts he is bald and sexy! according to the tv info...

from Radiotimes...

It's contrived, exploitative and deceitful, but that didn't stop the original US series becoming a big hit. Now we get a British version starring Dominic, a 24-year-old bouncer from Bournemouth.

He's set up to date a bevy of young women who think he's a millionaire. Dominic's taught how to pass himself off as a dotcom tycoon - the action really starts when 14 girls arrive at "his" villa in Ibiza.

Four of them are going home by the close of the show.

yey sexy bouncers!
Although I will probably not bother watching it, during already seen Joe Millionaire USA and probably cannot be bothered again lol.
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