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Today's TV Choices

Today I am going to use only three words to describe each programme! Originally it was gonna be a single word but found it too hard lol ;)

How Clean Is Your House? (Channel4, 8:30pm) - birds-poo-everywhere*

Jungle (BBC1, 8pm) - apes-in-trees

The Royal Variety Performance 2003 (ITV, 9pm) - do-not-watch

The Bodyguard (Five, 9pm) - Whitney-was-clean

Body Snatchers (BBC1, 9pm) - parasites-invading-urbody!

Y Tu Mama Tambien (Sky Cinema 1, 10pm) - summer-Mexican-fun

Crooklyn (Sky Movies, 12:35am) - rupaul-spikelee-ghettofabulous**

Japanese Language and People BBC2 the learning zone, 4am) - parts 7 & 8 learn-Japanese-culture

I had to write a bit more about two of them

* hilarious episode with a insane women who has 11 birds who have open cages permanently! The whole house is covered in birds and bird shit! nice!

** one of my fave films ever! It's that big black women in me again :)
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