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There is nothing more depressing than having everything and still feeling sad

They say that you should never go into business with friends and after a friend of mine on-line made such a pretty beauty re-design for my homepage, we no longer talk :(

I find it really sad. He is hardly ever on-line anymore, maybe he is hiding or is just bored of the internet. he rarely updates his personal blog anymore, but he might just be busy or have the general internet malaise but its weird.

We were friends before and he offered to do so much work for free and I thanked him lots and offered him money, but he just wanted it for his artists portfolio . I had a few problems and faults, and he helped me a lot, but now just ignores me. Maybe I annoyed him too much with questions etc ugh.

Are friendship was fine before this :( I just find it really sad :( I am probably just paranoid, he is probably just busy or got a tasty new boyfriend!

Although last night was really cool, I met two really old friends online on msn yey!

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