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Do you know everyday I spend ages thinking of hilarious greetings to some of my online friends I talk to a lot ;)

This one on aim to fireloveD the other day cracked me up...

Session Start:- Fri Nov 14 01:17:17 2003
[01:17] DANielJ UK: girl i just thought you were mary j blige, but i was mistaken!
[01:17] DANielJ UK: darn my eyes
[01:17] D: Oh baby!!! I know how you could have mistaken me for Mary, we are like THAT!
[01:18] DANielJ UK: that fierce!
[01:18] D: I know! I have missed you dahhling! WHere have you been!?
[01:19] DANielJ UK: i keep forgetting to open aim! lol

and the other day...

Session Start:- Sun Nov 23 22:39:20 2003
[22:39] DANielJ UK: girlfriend you so fierce, like a hungry lion!
[22:39] D: rawr baby!!! :oD

Now I have to think of more hilarious conversation starters ;)
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