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Its all about the learning...

That series I spotted on BBC2 about Japan is on all week! On BBC2 during the night they show The Learning Zone and it has shows for schools, students revising, adult learning courses etc which you record and watch later.

Apparently this series is all about learning basic Japanese language and all about the culture. I have not seen what I taped yesterday, but gonna watch tomorrow!

Japanese Language and People
A beginner's introduction to the language and culture of Japan.

Programmes 1-2
1 Introductions 2 All in the family
04.00-05.00 November 24.
Programmes 3-4
3 All in a day's work 4 Shop around
04.00-05.00 November 25.
Programmes 5-6
5 Schooltime 6 On the road
04.00-05.00 November 26.
Programmes 7-8
7 Eating, drinking and entertaining 8 Time out
04.00-05.00 November 27.
Programmes 9-10
9 Give and take 10 Japan tomorrow
04.00-05.00 November 28.

I shall be a expert at the end :) Its funny the cool stuff you sometimes spot! Normally I am drunk and watching weird stuff on the learning zone, like sex education for 6 year olds or something lol.

Now I have to go and set the tape for tonight, and go to sleep :)

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