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- Happy Birthday today to the fabulous avphibes!

- Today something strange happened. I woke up and was watching the rugby world cup final and I was like watching for the game and not for my sexual needs! I am equally as shocked as you, and I think I am turning straight! I think mr_wunderful has been subliminally converting me from the very sexy Ben Cohen to like Jonny Wilkenson more! (Phil darling, I keep meaning to reply to you! I am so glad you are back on lj, and still alive!! Have you seen the really hot 4 pics of Jonny undressing? people keep emailing them to me. Yell if you want me to send you them via email or aim ;) ) England won! The first time we have ever won anything since 1847 possibly.

- If you live in the UK and have E4, they are starting to show the final ever season of OZ tonight. I am pissed at channel4 and e4, because they used to make such a massive thing about Oz and I got into it end of season 4 and now they treat it like shit! There is the first two episodes of Season6 tonight from 00:45 and every week for the next few weeks. I only suddenly realised today, otherwise would have missed it all. I have seen no advertising for it too. Why is it that they just ditch shows at stupid times when viewing figures fall? Its happened so many times. ugh I wish some channel would show OZ right from the start, as I have not seen any early episodes and no dvd's are available in the UK yet!

- My computer is really annoying me at the moment! something keep taking up loads of memory and its not coming up on virus checking. I think its a programme leaking memory or something corrupted, but I cannot work out what it is! ARGH

- I started writing a comment to azoth aka Rusty dearest and my browser crashed after I wrote a really long comment about families always trying to steal everything off dead loved ones ugh! crappness! Not as crappy as what he currently has to deal with and I don't really know what to write in support, so just give *hugs* and money through paypal ;)

- I keep forgetting to update my lj, I'm still alive, just going insane!

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