Daniel (shoppingqueen) wrote,

Poll. 2

Well I was gonna make my poll monthly, but decided to make it weekly, cos a./ it makes me look more intelligent b./ it takes up more journal entries and make me look like I have a interesting life LOL

In my first poll, which is here 80% of voters thought that there needs to be more fire safety in modern buildings, whatever their modern style and design. (I was not saying the WTC was unsafe, it had passed all safety tests, but should there have been outside fire escapes somewhat?

The polls never close, so you can vote in them whenever you want, and you can change your answer too. (you gotta have a livejournal to vote, sorry, so you cannot vote twice...)

Ok next poll, in a discussion I was having with friends about life in high school, we were talking about bullying. This leads to poll.2......

Poll #5319 Bullying

Who are the worse bullies in general?

BOYS - they have to prove how physical and masculine they are!
GIRLS - they are bitchy and back stabbing!
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