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Farscape Related

I am a member of the scapers community and today someone posted this post right there!

The post is about that hopefully some new episodes will be made and there was a link to a cinescape.com story about it. I read the link earlier and its really positive. It basically said that it all looks like its going to happen, but Jim Henson Inc were not accepting any media calls about it. A press conference would be given tomorrow about it from them!

Now the cinescape story just gives a 500 error :( It might be that its too busy and too many people are trying to access it. Other Sci Fi news sources online also had the story as well.

Now at the bottom of the discussion on the lj community there is a new link from the save farscape website and says that Henson has said the press conference has been postponed indefinitely!

It did seem all so positive before and now all died out :( all the info and original post is here :(

I am off to sleep!
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