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Stuff on TV over the weekend!

what I suggest might be fun to watch in the UK...


Charmed (Five, 7:15pm) - A demon chases after Phoebe, they don't reuse old storylines in cycles I swear! its brand new plots I tell you!

About a Boy (Sky Movies 1, 8pm) - UK televisual premiere. Never seen it and not supposed to be as good as the original book. Plus I hate Hugh Grant, I just always want to slap him.

The Big Read:- Top 21 Books (BBC2, 9pm) - The finale of a project to get people to read books. Celebrities each push their chosen book and the chart is revealed! Tomorrow everyone will be bitching that they never read that or want too. Personally my fave ever book is Where the wild things are, its the only one that should win!
vote for your favourite book, and see the lists of peoples favourites

Four Weddings and a Funeral (Channel4, 10pm) - nice if you like that sort of thing, damn Hugh Grant damn!

The Country Music Awards 2003 (BBC2, 11:35pm) - I just put it in so that deebee doesn't kill me! ;) cowboy hats and chaps are required to view! (possibly)

Things I am avoiding watching

The Royal British Legion Festival of Remembrance (BBC1, 9pm) - I am gonna get condemned and possibly go to hell for writing that I hate it, but its my own choice. I really don't want to watch 2 hours in prime time of military peoples, racist comics, idiots and the Queen (not Prince Charles darlings). Move on honey, the war is over! (ugh my grandma is so gonna kill me, I listened to her for hours about how no one remembers the wars any more and 11th November is so important. I will celebrate then, not in some boring event, I will probably be strapped down and forced to watch by my parents though! ;) )

Queer Eye for a Straight Guy (LivingTV, 9pm) - repeat of the uk premiere last Thursday. I am boycotting it cos a/ it pisses off devoiddroidRich if I do, and also b/ me and drunkgothCatherine have decided its both homophobic and straightophobic! I hate stupid gay men making over stupid straight men! Although I have never watched it and its wrong to make a judgement, but after seeing 3 million adverts on livingtv for it, you will never get me watching it, never!!


Rugby World Cup 2003:- England v Wales (ITV, 9:40am) - men in tight shorts, what more can a girl wake up too! I love the new England tighter rugby shirts too! (or you can watch Remembrance Sunday in London on BBC1!)

World Rally Championship (Channel4, 12:45pm) - god my viewing so far is so straight male! I like it when the cars turn over in the mud bless.

MTV Europe Music Awards 2003 (Channel4, 3:25pm) - first showing if you don't have MTV in the UK. They normally cut bits and give you highlights. Also MTV is repeating it 3 billion times over the weekend. I want to watch it again at least once more!

Bend It Like Beckham (Sky Movies 1, 8pm) - never seen it because the title puts me off, but its the UK televisual premiere. I wanted to rent the DVD, so may watch it finally! Indian star of it Parminder Nagra is in ER from the new season in America! Apparently Elizabeth Cordoy was so popular, they want more non-American characters in the show.

Louis and the Brothel (BBC2 , 9pm) - hooray! Louis is back with no celebrities and back in his crazy job roles! this is what the media says about it...

Louis Theroux spends six weeks living in a Nevada brothel, set up by former prostitute Susan and Lance, who was one of her regular clients. He notes the rapidly-dwindling enthusiasm of a new girl who insists she's just in it for the sex, talks to a woman who looks half her age and so is a favourite with paedophiles, and worries about Haley, who is struggling with alcoholism as she contemplates a life outside of prostitution.

The legal brothel is amusing called the Wild Horse Resort and Spa lol.

I caught some of the Daisy Daisy show last week on Channel4 where she tries to fit into different American cultures and institutions, it cracked me up so much!

Spelling Bee.
Daisy Donovan presents a series in which she infiltrates a number of different worlds. In this edition, she investigates the world of the spelling bee, and sets out to become a spelling bee champ herself, by entering the Tyler Texas annual Bee. She recruits nine year-old spelling prodigy Samir Patel as mentor and coach and looks for a worthy team mate before taking to the stage

it was really funny and she convinced a local American news station that she is the UK spelling champion! and has released a series of spelling albums such as abd, gnf and various other letters lol. I will have to watch every show now ;) if only we had spelling bee's in the UK!

and still no American can ever tell me - why are they called bee's? no one seems to know! argh its a mystery

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