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Today's TV Choices

Absolutely Fabulous (BBC1, 9pm) - I can't reveal the big storyline in the new series, cos it will ruin it for the 'merrycans! well okay I can, click the cut link if you wanna know it, but don't if you don't want it ruined!

Saffy is pregnant, with a black guy she met whilst away travelling. At first Eddie has a breakdown but then realises mixed race kids are so "in"

This episode is not much about that plot at all, but about Madonna who has made English country chic famous and fabulous and Eddie is jealous! Eddie and Patsy decide to go to a country house for the weekend for huntin', shootin' and fishin'! it leads to a wonderful line from Saffy... "I don't get you, Mother. One minute it's Buddhism, the next it's butchery!"

It sounds like my holiday away in Norfolk!

Dead Like Me (Sky One 9pm and 10pm) - two dead like me's for the price of one! sheer bliss!

Timewatch - The Last Tomb Raider (BBC2, 9pm) - it involves no breasts that move when jumping and using advanced controls to jump up a ledge sadly! Did you know the that most documentaries in the entire world are made about either Hitler or Ancient Egypt! This is about the British explorers and what they found, this is what the listings say...

Tonight's film, The Last Tomb Raider, tells the story of Giovanni Belzoni, a circus performer and Georgian adventurer who recovered enough treasures from the pyramids to fill a wing of the British Museum, but never received recognition for his efforts

I always choose everything that clashes with each other, and finally..

Freddy Got Fingered (Sky Movies 2, 11pm) - The film is insane! But I have seen it at a friends on video and its awful but awfully funny too! I love Tom Green, even though he is crazy and always goes too far. Film about a father and son battle of wills ;)
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