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what to do when you are losing popularity in a increasing unpopular war #455232

Private Lynch ANALLY raped by Iraqis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

except unfortunately as the article says "Thankfully, she has no memory of the rape". Well how the hell can she write about it in a new book which is not even written by her?

popbitch discussion on Private Lynch anal raping

Is it just me or is it she is used to get popularity and show Iraq is evil? But its already been shown that she has been used to manipulate American media and make up loads of crap about being "saved" which was manufactured

I really must start reading the New York Daily News, its story writing is just amazing!

We met just hours after the Staten Island ferry disaster. Mike Esposito stood outside Staten Island University Hospital and sobbed tears of fear as doctors tried to save his son.

tomorrow kittens get drowned allegedly!
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