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Today's TV Choices

I may be watching these things tonight...
or I may be drunk rolling on the side of the street that people tend to call the "curb"

Britain's Worst Celebrity (Five, 8:30pm) - Z list celebrities who cannot drive well, but do have a licence! the shock, the horror, the crashes! addictive viewing.

Wife Swap (Channel4, 9pm) - Its the final one of the series and in a shock finale, involves the husbands swapping! There was a shocking news story about wife swap today and you can read it right here Wife Swap works cos they have two families that are totally different, eg one rich and one poor, or a black family and a racist family. I am sure the American remake of it Trading Moms will have a kkk family and a black family from the deep south or something. Anyway in a shock episode the racist white family and black family loved each other and the episode wont be shown! I bet it will be released on dvd as the secret episode where everyone got on and loved each other

I guess tv only works these days with people trying to kill each other. People getting on together is boring!

Most Haunted (LivingTV, 9pm) - Ingredients for an episode.....
- take one haunted manor in Wales which is derelict and old and has a massive old history, possible with loads of deaths/murders etc
- add cameras and night cameras
- add scared people
- add science people who "do not believe"
- add mediums
- add instruments that beep and stuff
and you get a whole episode!

The Thing (Sky One, 10pm) - Remake of a even older movie. on channel4's top 100 scariest moments, this came in at number 17 and was really interesting. John Carpenter said it was the last ever movie to be made with just purely mechanic effects. Everything in the movie is mechanic and nothing is put in afterwards as with now, so it is really amazing with all the gore and creatures! I must post about the scariest 100 at some point, I keep meaning to, but forgetting or falling asleep early etc ;)

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