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Today's TV Choices

"What will I be watching today?" I hear you cry? Actually I just hear you crying! argh

There is hardly anything on tonight at all to watch that's good! argh but I will make sure not to miss...

V Graham Norton (Channel4, 10pm) - with miss Pink herself! show website

Holidays in the Danger Zone (BBC2, 11:20pm) - a series that's been on BBC4 already that I cannot get! ugh. All about cute author Simon Reeve travelling to places that people are not normally allowed or would want to go too! The first series made is 4 parts in Central Asia and shown every night this week on bbc2. Not sure if more will be made. The first 4 parts are about Kazakhstan, Kyrgistan, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan. Tonight is about Kazakhstan on the Afghan border. He visits a plague research centre which has very lax security. Outside and all around its teeming with Islamic militants, how easy would it be for them to steal phials of anthrax? show website
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