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I am with child + old people!

Happy Birthday to stiffscoffin

I went to see Catherine & Stuart's new baby on Friday night. Ben is soooo cute! Now I want a baby and a lesbian to have my baby in her stomach! Actually I have always said I never want my own children, I will steal other peoples. They seem to cost so much and take up time and my décor will be ruined!

This is a pic of me and Ben, taken by Catherine for my webcam....

baby ben and dan!

There is more, they shall appear sometime, when I remember! Shockingly I am good with kids!

But old people are just ugh! I had as much fun as azoth yesterday!
Went to my grans and it was a good day. I got a new bedside light, cos my old one exploded/broke/died and its a touch light! I see the future and its turning everything on by touch, like the monitor, by pressing the screen and lights by pressing the shade etc! I also maybe able to persuade my gran to pay off my credit card bill out of it too! I may be no longer in debt, I too am equally as shocked! She is a very rich old lady, and my brother got a car out of her! I do love her really as my gran I swear!

Funniest/more offensive thing she said to these old ladies "this is my 22 year old grandson Daniel, the one who had the nervous breakdown some years ago, and is just recovering, you know 6 other people had breakdowns in his class!" lol! I love it when old people don't understand stuff properly or don't hear all of a conversation!

I don't mind she thinks I am younger than I am, I am hoping she will start thinking I am 18 again! But its news to everyone about my nervous breakdown! The things you never realise actually happened to you!
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