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I am off on holiday tomorrow. I probably wont have time in the morning, so writing my final lj post before I go!
I forgot how stressful holidays are, especially the packing and everyone going insane and trying to kill each other etc

I am so anxious about this whole thing, I just want to be safely at home, and not go insane, but hopefully it will go fine!

We are going to Norfolk near the sea. We are staying in this hotel which a old friend at my mums work now owns. We are staying in a ickle cottage on the grounds. Originally all the plans were to take Dougal (the doggie) and it was all booked before he died. I really wanted some kind of holiday this year as my parents have been away etc to Botswana and other places.

These are my tv progs not to miss!

Friday - new series of Absolutely Fabulous (BBC1, 9pm)
Saturday - Celebrity Dog School (BBC1, 7pm), Z-list celebrities get their crazy dogs dealt with for Children In Need (series goes on the next week)
Sunday - David Blaine: Above The Below (Sky One, 9pm, repeated on Channel4 on Monday at 9pm), Blaine leaves the glass box! Will he still be alive? Will he vanish in a puff of smoke to reappear some other place? Will the horrific traffic problems on Tower Bridge which are caused by everyone going to look out as they pass (who the hell located it there?) improve when hes out? We'll find out!

Will post via wap from my phone, if gprs is working! My bitches know my mobile number or anyone can text me from the lj texting bit on my user info.

Hope you have a great weekend!

(grumble its gonna be cold, autumnie, raining argh! grumble)
I will have a wonderful time!

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