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Today's TV Choices

Top Of The Pops 2 (BBC2, 7pm) - features an old performance by Kylie Minogue of "Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi" which had such a brilliant video! ugh I still have the Kylie video of her first 4 music videos. I bet I could sell it for loads on Ebay now! Also has top performances from the past by Cathy Dennis (yey!), Liz Phair, All Saints, and Arrested Development! show website

Wife Swap (Channel4, 9pm) - The current hugest UK show! People just love confrontation in awkward situations! Already been brought by ABC in America to rename it "Trading Mom's" news story. Can't American TV channels buy anything international and keep it exactly how it is? The answer is no. show website

Most Haunted (LivingTV, 9pm) - still my fave show ever. The second episode of the brand new third series is set this week in Moresby Hall in Cumbria and have some eerie experiences in a tunnel underneath the building. (btw anyone who saw last weeks first new show in RAF East Kirby, it was a really amazing show, best one so far and so much stuff happened on camera, but no physical sightings) show website

Father Ted (E4, 10pm) - the first EVER episode of the series that was short-lived :( I love the repeats though, and cannot survive without watching old episodes every so often. The second ever episode follows at 10:30pm. show website

Barbarella (BBC1. 12:10am) - Saw it for the first time on the Sci Fi channel some months ago. Its an amazing weird insane camp film from 1968! Here is my top 5 coolest things about it!

- Made Jane Fonda who played Barbarella massive and str8 men can see her naked in the move, perverts!

- also features the acting talents of Marcel Marceau the French mime, Anita Pallenberg who had affairs with 3 of the Rolling Stones and Milo O'Shea

- The band Duran Duran, got their name from the character "Durand Durand" from this move

- The muscular winged sexy blinded guy called Pygar, is totally hot and constantly near naked!

- Watch out for the scene with Jane Fonda and the orgasm machine! Supposed to kill you though too much orgasming, but Barbarella loves it and breaks the machine :) imdb entry

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