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Catholic Abuse

As time changes and we move to the future, everything is constantly changing! It often freaks me out to think how much has changed in 10 years, or even 2 years! There is one thing however that has barely changed at all and that is most of the worlds popular religions.

There was a really interesting and horrifying show tonight on the BBC in their Panorama strand called "Sex and the Holy City" (website link)

I have a personal policy to respect all religions, unless someone starts on me, using their beliefs as an excuse. Whatever helps people with their spiritual needs, but Catholicism is stuck in some time warp and now its really starting to hurt people.

The most shocking thing on the show was that in various African countries people are told NOT to use condoms against AIDS and HIV, because they contain holes which lets the virus though. Bishops admitted to camera this was policy. I think that is truly disgusting. The World Health Organisation slammed the stuff that is being told to people. Who would you believe, a scientific organisation or the church? The WHO does not claim condoms are 100% against aids, but they are much better to prevent you from getting it. This is scientifically proven.

My uncles step-daughters have been taught in a school in Botswana where they live (An American Catholic school) that evolution is not reality. The world started in the bible. My uncle is a Dr in Bio-Chemist and he cannot argue the issue with the kids cos they are too young, but they are taught that Darwin is a load of crap and its evil to believe in it!

Interestingly Christianity is fast losing church goers. Maybe its time to make changes?
this post was really cool on the message board about the show...

"the Pope has the nerve to tell women not to protect themselves from Aids by use of a condom. A man who has never had sex or produced a child who can ask a woman not to protect herself from Aids and men demanding sex of their wives, without protection. What man would want a child of eight to give birth. Only a Pope who has never fathered a child or had to give birth."
Margaret Salsbury, England

I think personally in every country people need to be educated. About how to not get sexual diseases (incidentally if you are against contraception, the WHO's main guideline is to be careful who you have sex with and monogamy). And also how to not get pregnant and education in sex. They are essential skills that are needed in life for everyone!

(if you have a broadband connection, you can watch the tv programme at the show's website above, for the next few days)

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