May 23rd, 2007

Daniel Moody

The Sark

I was really sad that at 4am on Monday the Cutty Sark was (most probably deliberately) set alight. The Cutty Sark was a major London landmark and a tourist destination. A tea clipper ship built in 1869, she was designed to be the fastest way to bring tea from China to London. It was undergoing a restoration which cost a lot of money and was going to last a couple of years.

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Here is some photos from BBC News:-

The Cutty Sark

The Ship in better days

A view of the Cutty Sark fire

The Fire

Copyright Trudi Bailey

The Situation now

There is something really sad (in my opinion) in the destruction of history. Especially important history and real examples of history. But no one was hurt or killed in this situation, I guess the ship is not that important in the meaning of life. I remember seeing a programme about a historic library in Germany accidentally was set alight and people were going in trying to save some of the very important texts and books and manuscripts contained within. Maybe history and fate results in some course of the future where things will get destroyed. I visited the Cutty Sark a lot as a child and had been on it! But not been for years but it was just a landmark that was always there.

Apparently it will cost millions to rebuild and fix it. I am in two minds if it should be reconstructed or not. I think I am largely moving towards the view on fixing it all up, just because that local area owes a lot to it, and its tourism that it brings (there is nothing else interesting in that area of London lol)

I guess its just material things, life goes on without it or in its bad state :(