May 8th, 2007

Celebration Candles

28 State

I am sorry I have not updated my journal since January! I am always too tired or can't think or anything mildly interesting or humorous to write! Can you forgive me? I find other peoples journals more interesting and I don't want to post just quiz's and crap forwards just so its an update!
I will update more, I hope to at least once a week!
My birthday was on the 2nd of May. Thank you for the lovely messages, emails and lj posts I got :) I am 28 now, so late twenties, I cannot handle it argh! fortunately snowyb cheered me up with this message in her card, which I thought to scan in....

Deb's Birthday Card Message

Thanks for all the wishes and now I go to sleep, hope you are doing well! :)
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