January 16th, 2007

Big Brother UK 2006

Happy New Year (and the war isn't over)

Hope you had a fantastic holiday and good New Year! My main New Year's resolution is to be more organised! I clearly have broken it already as this is my first post of the year! doh

This years Celebrity Big Brother is way not as good as last years one and it is disappointing :(
I do think its disgraceful the treatment of Shilpa Shetty who is a Bollywood star and other female members in the house are bullying her and ganging up on her. This has started to become a huge political issue and the media is loving it. This is the bbc story here. I am not 100% convinced it is racism against her, but I am white and not Indian so maybe I don't recognise it. I think it racial undertones in the bullying but I don't think its full on racism, like I am not convinced they are bullying her because of her 'race'. But Shilpa is very calm and serene and takes everything thrown at her and tries not to fall out with anyone.

But here is the problem. In the Big Brother rules for nearly every country in the world you are not allowed to use physical violence or attack a house mate. In America someone was thrown out of the house for threatening someone with a knife from the kitchen years ago. But is there a difference between arguing and bitching and falling out with people and this? I think this is full on bullying and some action needs to be taken. If Shilpa was threatened with a knife or hit then action would be taken!

The production team who make Big Brother in the UK change every year but the one who made this CBB and last years BB are dreadful and I hope they never use any of them again. Last BB in the Summer they were totally inventing twists and turns that annoyed the public and ruined the show and they have done it again. They have not taken any action on this subject, dispute people emailing them and complaining and saying this is not on. Now the media watchdog has received thousands of complaints and I think the makers are on very very dodgy ground. They have a duty of care for every member in the house. I think there will be some action or changes in the next 24 hours because the audience is riled and they are just covering it up and annoying it. I think the worst thing about it, is that the presenters of the shows just go along with it and don't question it.

If they say that a new rule is that you could not bully or verbally abuse a house mate, it could cause problems in the future, I mean what is the line between argument and abuse? This is bullying and its a group of girls against her and its nasty. Actually the worst thing is not the presenters, its that the person who say they are Shilpas friends and its so disgraceful and awful in the house, do not come out and stand up for her at the time she needs it!

There is an online petition going on this subject that is being widely publicised.
its:- here

When writing this post its currently at 11672 signatures

Its hideous TV to watch someone being attacked and abused by a group of people against them. Its upsetting and no punishment comes to those who do it :(
I try to see the other side on every subject and I can honestly sat that Shilpa is not 100% innocent, but you know she is not as bad as half the people in there.

I realised last Summer that Channel4 will destroy Big Brother all by themselves :(
Sending in Jade and her skanky family? Worst mistake ever!