August 8th, 2006

looking fierce

The Criminal Element

  • I am being forced to update by text message threats! Its outrageous I tell you! But it does work! I shall blackmail my friends I want to update, to update! muhahahaha! Its strange that the people who joined lj at about the same time as me, have mostly stopped posting so much. I have noticed a sort of 'internet fatigue' going on with my internet friends who I have known for years and I am part of that. Its like they (and me) cannot be bothered to update their journals or update or change their websites. Its like there is millions of static personal blogs/journals and home pages. I wonder if people are just overwhelmed by the net and information. I don't really set out anymore to chat online or make new friends. I like talking to new people but don't go and chat all the time. But there is massive numbers of people who still have a online presence but are not really as active online as they were. Maybe there is more important things in their lives? I just forget to update my lj! or run out of time. I get so sad when a friend deletes their journal or website, especially when its been around for years! I just hope they keep in touch with me :)

  • My parents are currently away for two weeks in Mauritius and return on Friday. My brother, his lovely Girlfriend and I have had fun and were drunk all weekend! We keep having drunken late night discussions on major issues like legalising all drugs, the state of the world and we have in depth discussions on Big Brother lol. Its been fun, but will be glad to have them back. I am so exhausted!

  • George Galloway was on Sky News this morning and totally destroyed the host. You can see the interview on youtube right here. He supports Hezbollah which I don't but I love the bits about Sky News and the Murdoch Israeli bias. Why cant someone do that on Fox News! I can never decide if I love him or hate him. I don't agree with all his views but he is passionate and gives a left wing different view to almost every issue. I like to have those sort of people in the world, even if I don't agree with him. I want both sides of the issue. But sometimes he is also annoying. I do think its better to have politicians who say their views rather than just toe the line. Although his argumentative style is a bullying but says what he thinks and often has the evidence and the researched facts to back it up.

  • My brother had his car broken in two weeks ago. They smashed a small window. He has an old car which has no central locking and no alarm. He has a lead in his car which goes from his cd/radio that he plugs his mp3 player in. He left the lead out there and I think the car was broken in to, to look for anything valuable, which there is nothing of value he ever leaves in the car. They pulled the car stereo out but did not take it. So the damage was a broken small triangular window and they stole the aux audio lead and a pair of headphones and so he lost a total of about £8! lol We phoned the police (our local police station has closed down! The police station that handled the crime was a good 45mins away from us by car!). They said that they would ring when someone could come out to the car. The next day a different police station phoned up and did the investigation over the phone and just gave a crime number! My parents heard about this on holiday by text and were outraged which I am as well really because there was no presence by the police in our crime. How does that look for the local community and for local PR? People already have some negative opinions about the police, doing crime investigation over the phone hardly helps! I wanted finger printing dammit! So the question is, what crimes do they come out for now? Do they do burglary's over the phone, do you have to have multiple murders before they come out? Gareth got his crime reference number anyway and claimed the insurance to fix the window.

  • I had crime of my own! Some cunt committed fraud on my credit card! The card never left the house or was stolen or lost. Some people/ crims have machines which generate random numbers. They try to make purchases on cards until they are successful. All you need for a credit card purchase to go through online is the card number which is 16 digits and the expiry date which is like xx /xx. I saw a transaction on my account online for a company called Lyra Telecom for like £5. I was really sure I never have used them which are a calling card type telecom company. I pay for a voip number from a company and texts online from another company but they were not this telecom company. I phoned and complained and it was put through to the fraud department. They refunded me the money. The next day someone from my credit card company phoned and they had been bombarded by loads of online transactions to my card. But they didn't seem to know the expiry date that worked, so they used my card number and sent to loads of expiry dates in the next 2 years. Some of them had gone on my card for like £700 which I did not have available on my card anyway! lol The credit card company were really good and the card was suspended and I had to get a new card and number and pin and online account argh! I was refunded all of the money taken and any interest. Its a bitch though to update all my online accounts and Amazon and stuff! argh! I looked at my account online and another fraudulent transaction was 2 online bookings for cinema tickets on consecutive days. It is scary to think that you don't even have to use your card ever and someone could randomly generate your number! I have thought for a long time that the credit card system is not as safe as it seems, because its not that hard to find numbers that match. It reminds me of research from a university a few years ago that 4 digit pin numbers are not as hard to guess as thought. It was supposed to be like 1 in billions chance of working out someones pin in a certain number of goes. But this published research proved that it does not take as many times to get a pin as thought! The probability was far less, but still thousands to one chance. I swear people are committing fraud against you at any turn, using your identity, credit cards, bank account, everything! Then again I don't agree with biometric identity cards and passports. You could pay loads for security with finger prints, retina scans and penis size scanning but already the proposed very expensive UK Biometric Passport scheme has hit a problem. Its already been hacked!