April 29th, 2006

Daniel Short Hair!

The Price of Life

After my post yesterday asking about American gas price signs (here) and what the fractions mean and you all kindly told me!

Rich took a photo of a UK petrol station sign for me today....

petrol sign

The UK prices are pence (100pence in a £1) per litre of petrol.
Rich also worked this out right here...

In case anyone's interested.

Using the example of $3.429 / gallon of unleaded as in the picture.

Here in the UK for unleaded it's currently £0.949 / litre or £3.597 / gallon.

Using the current exchange rate from xe.com of £1 = $1.80151

It works out that we pay equivalent to $6.48 / gallon of unleaded.

And to think people in America are complaining!

So we do pay double the American prices for fuel! However its important to point out that every country in the world has high prices for Petrol / Gas at the moment and the UK highly taxes Petrol so that you are supposed to not use it as much and use public transport! (This doesn't really work, as not everyone in the country has a good service and the London transport is so expensive really!). The UK has the highest rate of tax on Petrol in Europe which is currently around 49p per litre