April 15th, 2006

Where Is The Love ?

the unpopular one in the classroom

I am theming this post! It will all link together I tell you!

o the one with the fantastic quotes but possibly one of the worlds worst politicians Donald Rumsfield has been attacked for being crap. (news story). Bush has spoken out and supported him and given him his "full support". I have a rule of thumb and that is, in any government in the world if the leader gives someone their full support amid scandal of some form, they always have about max 6 months left in that job! Try it out in your own home, it always works! Support by the head is always the death nail in the coffin! The only exception to this rule (or maybe more of a personal theory of mine) is Ruth Kelly who is still in there after scandal and support from Blair! I guess 6 months after the event is not up yet so she is not a proven exception yet! I partially like in this story the fact that Bush described him as "energetic and steady" when talking about his leadership! (one of my fave ever news clips is when Donald is abroad in a military base doing a talk and a soldier/marine type person asks a really difficult question about why they have no right equipment there! brilliant! Its almost as good as the housewife arguing with Margaret Thatcher live on tv by phone in the 80's!

o apparently everyone hates America (in the UK) (news story). An American women who lives in the UK is complaining about the fact there is so much racism and anti-American feeling (that she has experienced) in the UK. She says she gets abuse and taunts when people hear her accent and is criticised for supporting Bush as president and the war. The lady did not support the war or Bush or vote for him. I cannot support hatred for anyone! You can't judge someone for an entire country! Even if someone voted for Bush and has totally different beliefs to you, you cannot hold that against them and persecute them! If you are against America and the war so much than more people should have voted against Tony Blair to get him removed from power. That is not as easy as it sounds because there was not that much choice really in the last general election, but if you feel strongly about it there should have been more protest votes. I think there is a lot of anti war feeling and anti American feeling. Whilst I cannot condone abuse to anyone (and if people keep being nasty to American's we will lose tourism from there! although after 9/11 we have not that many American tourists anyway) and I don't think you can scapegoat one American you meet, no mater if they agree with you or not! But I do think that America now has a huge image problem, with citizens getting abuse around the world and the political leaders cannot travel anyway without protests and marches against them and that is of their own doing! Their policies have made them unpopular but don't blame individual people for it! I like the BBC News 'have your say' sections and there is some good comments from both sides on that page.

o everyone hates Raymond - actually I hate Raymond I can't stand that show and I can't get into everybody hates Chris! I may have posted this bit to continue the theme of the post ;)
Catherine & Daniel

its the important events that I always forget to write about

My pregnant best friend drunkgoth (see last post here) sent me this message last Monday...

the baby commeth

So in the end she was born on the 9th April! (sorry harg!)

Its so depressing when you are in your 20's! mid 20's not late I tell you! and all your friends are marrying/child bearing etc! I am going to have a gay wedding and they will have to buy me expensive wedding gifts like I had to buy them! me a bitter homosexual? its so not true!