March 6th, 2006

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I forgot the Oscar's make me want to kill myself

My mistake watching them before going to sleep! As a teenager I loved award shows so much! now I hate them! I think I am becoming so cynical about everything as I get older and sceptical! The whole Oscars thing is one huge advert! I am surprised they can legally get away with taking adverts during the show! I don't think there is anything which is not trying to be sold during them! film advertising, celebrity advertising, fashion and style advertising, product placement! argh! Do you like my watch its a rolex R-O-L-E-X, do you like my dress its blah that B-L-A-H!

I feel so crappy today! argh! I hope I don't have the flu coming, this week I am really busy and my Uncle is coming from Botswana on Thursday to stay!

I love having LOTS of friends on my lj and try to read all their posts and I love reading about peoples different lives! Basically I am a great voyeur! or whats the none-stalker term for someone who likes to people watch, anthropologist I think! Anyway some people don't have me on their journal friends and I still read their journals and its cool. But I have decided to delete everyone from my list where I cannot comment on their journals. I spend more time commenting than anything and I do love my random insane ramblings across the live journal network! lol I don't see any point in readings someones if they don't allow comments! Its particularly stupid to say friends only and have friends comments allowed only and not have a email address or any contact! I wrote about this years ago! So anyway I have the right to comment I tell you! and mostly say you are looking hot today ;)
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