February 12th, 2006

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Christmas Pictures aka dodgy photography

I am so bad at updating but I will get better! I have spent ages making a gallery for Christmas and finally uploading some pics to show you on my lj :)

It may now be February but over Christmas:-

(click on picture for full size)

Merry-go-round Merry-go-round

- I saw a Christmas Merry-go-round in Covent garden
Somerset House Ice Rink Somerset House Ice Rink

- Saw a hunky 'ice marshal' at the Somerset House ice rink, you can see him on the right hand side in the green top really hot! He was so tall! He nearly made me want to go on ice, then I realised I value my neck :)
'The Sun' at Kew 'The Sun' at Kew

- Saw the Chihuly glass festival at Kew Gardens which was fabulous! 'The Sun' was inside the Princess of Wales Conservatory
Christmas Lights on my House Christmas Lights on my House

- lit up my house at night! One of the neighbours in our street said that our house could be seen from anyway in the area as a shining blue beacon bless! you can never be too Christmassy! less is never more!
Christmas in the computer room Christmas in the computer room

- it looked beautiful and the blue lights could be seen from miles around! The computer room is at the front of the house
My Laptop My New Laptop

So my main present this Christmas was a laptop that lives in my bedroom. Its a Sony VGN-A517S
Seamus relaxing on the stairs Seamus relaxing on the stairs

I was trying to get new pictures to show what he looks like now and its hard to capture him on film believe me! He is actually looking at the camera in this picture ;) Most pictures of him are just a blur!

You can see the whole gallery right over here
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nudging along

The incredibly hunky deebee nudged me today. It did make me update my live journal so it really works! You can nudge someone on your friends list who you want to go and update! There is some of my friends journals who I really miss their updates! But I may be going down the list all day nudging people!

I have a theory that most of my oldest net friends are 'bored of the net'. So many of my friends have closed down their beautiful websites and stopped their journals and basically left the net! I wonder if they are busy with their real lives. I use it less than I used too! I realised the other day I never actively look for new people to chat too, like I used to. If someone messages me online and is interesting or add to my journal or I see theirs randomly, I love to meet new people! but I think I bother about it a lot less now! I don't really actively chat anyplace anymore!

I have no problems with new people unless they say either a/s/l? or the person the other night on msn, who I asked "where are you chatting from?" and they said my house! (as in their house, not mine!)

I must get better organised online and offline and sort out my life argh!