November 30th, 2005

Rosie the Cat

Rosie Status Update

After my post before which is linked right here, I shall write more about Rosie. Its a long post, so if you don't want to read it than that's fine.

Wednesday 23rd
Following on from my last post, I was waiting for my mother to come and then take her off to the vets. But as I waited she seemed to worsen and her breathing was getting wheezy and she was almost blowing bubbles when she breathed. Also she kept miaowing and it was really horrid situation alone! It was a long wait from about 5pm to 6:30pm when my mum was home. It was a really complicated evening because a decorator was coming to look at our house for re-painting all the hallways and so I had to stay at home and my mum went off the vet with her.

The vet kept Rosie in. The vet was not sure what was wrong with her but it could be not too bad and like an infection or virus. She is a small cat and she has been affected badly before years ago by one. But in the worst case it could be an organ failure internally :( She said she would take her in and try to get her stabilised on a drip and on a heated pad, because she was very cold. It was a bit touch and go.

Thursday 24th

The news was not all that positive but by the end of the day she had made some improvement! She had blood tests done and they all seemed fine, except from a very high glucose level. She thought it might be diabetes, but there was no glucose in the urine, so she did not have diabetes, and this can be caused by being under stress. When she came in she was breathing under stress and her heart was under stress. The X-rays that were done found she had some water in her lungs and around them. This was not a good thing. The plan is to keep stabilising her and give her medicine to clear her up

Friday 25th

The vet thinks its all done to her heart. All other organs are working fine. Her heart is enlarged and could have caused all the problems. She is given heart medicine. She has improved a bit.

Saturday 26th

She is better but can only be fed by a nurse with a syringe container plastic bit. She cannot eat for herself. Me and my Mum go and visit her at about 6pm, and my father is away in Germany. She was on a drip.

Rosie ill and at the Vets
Rosie at the vets on a drip

Rosie ill and at the vets 2
another pic on the drip, and ignoring food :(

She looks really ill and miserable in those pics but actually she wasn't. When we got there she was miaowing a lot and then sort of laid down. She was still on a drip and would not eat any food offered!

Sunday 27th

Not really much happened that day but my parents have been driving me insane. They keep worrying about the cost of it all. We are not a poor family, we are not really rich either, we are middle class, but we have enough money to pay it. I was a bit worried myself how much it would be, because boarding overnight is expensive! But I think you have to pay and give her a chance. The question was how much longer should this go on? My mum decided that Monday was decision night!

Monday 28th

My Mum or I spoke to the vet on the phone each day and in the morning my mother spoke to her. She said she had tried everything really and maybe its worth trying to take her home. We went to get her in the evening. She is much better than when she went in on that Wednesday night. She is on heart medicine and its not thumping in her body and also she is no longer cold, which was caused by the heart. She was breathing okay and all water in the lungs was gone. Rosie was driving the vet insane, she had tried everything and still would not eat and she should be okay now! She even bite a nurse trying to feed her by hand! I thought she must be improved! lol

We took her home and she still had problems walking, she was really not a well cat. The vet had got everything improved but she still would not eat anything on her own. There is no point in keeping her alive if she cannot eat, its not good quality of life! So it was to see if she would eat at home. Also she would be more comfortable there and with people who loved her and knew her etc. Later on that evening she went on my bed, where she normally sleeps. Unlike before where she was always stretched out she curled up again, which was good I thought!

Tuesday 29th

So this is today, or yesterday now as its early Weds morning. She just constantly sleeps on my bed really. She does not seem to be in pain or anything or crying or anything but she will not eat anything. The vet tried every type of food on her and we have left a bowl. The vet said to give her 48 hours and then get back to her.

I guess we talk to the vet again tomorrow but I am not sure what to do from here. She is not living her normal life on my bed. She is sleeping but how long can a cat survive without any food or nutrition? I think its a way of telling us that maybe its time. I am just worried about her starving to death and is it horrid. So I don't know if she will just fall asleep or if we have to take her to the vets again. Its a really weird situation. I guess she is better than before but not living a normal life and cannot survive like she is.

Here is some photos of today, on my bed...

Rosie looking majestic
lying on my bed, not asleep, perked up!

Rosie ignoring food
Rosie ignoring all food still :(

Rosie wrapped up warm
Rosie wrapped with a blanket to keep her warm

I am not very positive about the situation :(
Anyway I am off to bed, more updates as they happen!

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