September 22nd, 2005

Where Is The Love ?

random acts of violence

A friend of mine devoiddroid was attacked last night. He works at night and has worked there for years and walks there every night and that is the first time its ever happened and its completely insane.

Someone asked him for a light for their cigarette and he said he didn't have one so they punched him in the face. I find it absolutely insane that someone would do that to someone! Then again I am against violence, unless its gay wrestling with hot guys in tight Lycra and oil obviously and I'm not a violent person.

He has a black eye and slightly messed up face, I told him to go to the police but he said they have attacks all the time like they will care, which is probably true! I really believe in karma (not the portable music player by Rio) and that it will come back on the person.

I was thinking about this today and it reminded me of the time years ago that I was robbed at knife point. I looked through my old posts on google and even found I mentioned it before, right here, it was part of a quiz that I copied and even mention the lovely nasal, here is the important extract...


WALLET: Fake Leather. Not that I am vegan, just cannot afford real stuff! ARGH maybe it is real , I dunno! I was once mugged and held at knife point (years ago) and my best friend was there, and her photo is in my wallet and the two attackers said "is that your girlfriend?" at the wallet pics and totally did not see Catherine LOL That was amusing. How dear the accuse me of being straight! Why do I have women in my wallet ewwwie :) love you really luv


I first got ill in 1996 and in the first few months even though my health was bad I was still trying to do a lot of stuff and going out and stuff. Catherine and I went on a nice sunny day to a park and in the park I have always loved this little trickling fountain in a small pool. There was benches around this pool and I was sitting down with  her talking. Some guys came up to us, who were like 14 or something and were hassling. One of the guys put his hand in my trouser pocket and pulled out my wallet. They took it away and took out my bank card, national insurance card and all the cash in it (which was really not that much, like £10). They came back and questioned me and wanted my pin number for my bank account, I said no way, there is only like £7 in it anyway! and there really was at the time cos I had gone on a spending feast! One of the guys who I remember was a tall black guy was talking to Catherine by the fountain and the other guy who was mixed race was sitting by me on the bench. (weirdly we both thought they were both cute guys, yet stealing cunts!). The guy sitting next to me suddenly pulled out a knife and put it to my neck and wanted my pin. I was like no way! Maybe it was the rush of adrenalin but I decided there was no way I was telling them my info to get into my bank account! He had the knife to my throat and I remember weirdly not being scared at all. I didn't like provoke him then but was saying "yeah thats a really good idea!" but not saying stuff like go on then, Catherine suddenly flipped out (rush of adrenaline) and started shouting at them! She was like he is not well and just fuck off and leave us alone and was really shouting. I am not sure why we didn't do anything until then.

They gave me my wallet back without money but the bank card was back in it. and in the wallet was photos of friends. They said to me (as the old post above said, and I totally forgot about that bit!!) "is that your girlfriend?" Catherine had blonder hair in the photo and was really dark and gothic standing there then. I couldn't believe they didn't see it was the same person!

They walked off and had just taken the cash from my wallet and weirdly my national insurance card. we were on a normally busy path in and out of the path but whilst they were there, it was totally dead, no one walked past or was near the area! As we left that area I cried and we went home and my parents called the police, who were like "we cant do anything now" and just took descriptions. The female officer told me next time to start shouting "fire, fire!"  and it would get attention, rather than like help or something like that.

I was really worried that my National Insurance card was stolen, because the number on it, is used for anything like social security payments etc. I phoned them up and asked for a new number and the person was totally non-plussed and was like you would be fine, its totally safe and just sent me a new card with the same number. No one ever committed fraud or anything on it that I know of, but surely it could be sold or something to someone wanting to claim! I guess it does not have my address or anything on it.

A year later in 1997 I was forced to see a psychologist with my parents and my dad suddenly said that he felt my illness and my anxiety's and problems were made a lot worse by that incident. I had forgotten all about it and it didn't really affect me afterwards at all. I went back to the park and thought I would dread going to that bit of the park but I felt nothing bad at all. Although I noticed that all the benches from that area are gone! weird

I don't get why anyone would wanna attack anyone. Maybe they get money and stuff off the person but in the end they will end up in jail and get caught!

One thing that amused me and Catherine about the whole incident was that I had a bag with me that we had just been shopping and was full of goods! It had an expensive personal CD player and was full of new music I had just brought! If they had gone through that! Also weirdly I had no mobile phone then, they were not big then. I guess now people can instantly call for help!

Both Rich and my crime were not hate crimes though. I find it hard to define hate crimes personally, but I take it that someone has a crime against them just because they are gay, or black or something like that. Maybe I have that wrong. I remember reading a guy onlines site who was such a cutie and don't think he has a homepage anymore :( He lives in London and had been beaten up 3 times for being gay. Coming out of gay clubs or bars or pubs and people going past and seeing him and attacking him. I was just so shocked reading that at the time. Fucked up morons I say!

new orleans house flooding 2 - the house

sending my love

I have not written about Hurricane Katrina yet because I have not really found a way to put it into words but my thoughts are with everyone affected there.

Also my thoughts are with everyone again in the South over Hurricane Rita. How awful!

I hope that its not as bad as predicted :(

It really worries me that America still says there is no scientific evidence of global warming or climate change. Whenever they have someone talking from an anti environmental stand point in the UK, they are nearly always American! and nearly always representing big companies who don't want people to start becoming more eco friendly!

I think the weather in the UK has changed and I believe in the world its changed. In the UK Summer2003 the highest ever temperature was recorded which was 38C which is 108F I think, I cant remember now.

Natural disasters happen all around the world and could happen at any time, but I think people need to look at trends. Some US states have hurricane season every year at around this time and historically have bad ones every 100 years or so. But here is the question, what if there is loads of bad ones and what happens if they start happening every year?

Will anything change the standpoint? I believe we have messed up our own weather and looking at trends over the next couple of years I think this will really prove this. We are going to need to change how we live, especially in America or no one is going to able to live near the coast anywhere in the world!

Just a quick post however and wanted to wish my sympathies and thoughts to those affected :)