June 14th, 2005

Where Is The Love ?

Michael Jackson

I am sure everyone is writing things about the trial all over the interweb and its tedious by now! So I thought I would post too! ;)

I have never been the biggest fan of Michael Jackson. I don't hate him, I don't love him. I own the Bad album and that HIStory greatest hits cd package, but don't own Thriller. I think he has done great songs, albums, performances and tours in the past. But in recent years he has not really had a massive best selling hits. I can't remember any of the songs on his last album!

I have been watching the Michael Jackson trial at least weekly and sometimes more and the brilliant reconstructions by E! and Sky together. Its such a great soap reconstruction. There should be a permanent daily slot with the lookalike actors! lol

From everything I have seen I think that if I was in the jury I would have found him innocent on all charges too. I don't think there was enough evidence against him. I did not trust the Arvizo family and the other people who were giving evidence against Michael. They always seemed to have been in court on different cases regularly and getting money and compensation against different companies. A lot of the witnesses seemed to be ex-members of Michael's staff who has been fired for stealing or taking advantage or something like that.

The case would have been really different if children saying they had been abused had no holes in their case. Or maybe if you are rich you can buy the best lawyers who will always get you off? I like to believe that the Jury made the right choice and it was true.

I don't think Michael abused children but I think he does think he is a Peter Pan character and maybe he needs help? If he carries on the way he is, more people are going to take advantage of him and then try to get $$$$ in future court cases!

If the Jury has now decided he is innocent of all charges, then surely that means that all the witnesses and the Arvizo family statements and evidence is lies and made up. Surely the Arvizo family could be charged with purgery?

Michael Jackson maybe fucked up on so many levels but the Arvizo family seem to be even more fucked up on so many levels. Maybe that was what won the case?

I was sure watching it live on BBC, that there would be one minor charge or something like that so was most surprised! Will he ever be successful in music again? Will he ever be in court again with new allegations? and why are MJ fans the scariest people in the world! They are so devoted!
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