June 2nd, 2005

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a posting from Wales


So last Sunday I came down to Wales with my family. A lady in our street whos 2 dogs are friends with 'the Seamus' owns a house here and we have 'borrowered' it for a week!

The house is in a tiny village on the top of a hill called Mathry and is inbetween Fishguard and St Davids. lt took about 4/5 hours to get here and it was the dogs first long journey but he was fine!

My Dads side of the family are Welsh and l grew up on family holidays in Wales! This village is about as far west as you can get from Londonium!

l like it here and the scenary and beaches are amazing. We have mostly just walked around places and the dogs had fun.

Tomorrow its back to London! l have missed the net and lots of home comforts! plus I have a whole week of Big Brothers to watch, that I have Sky Plussed. I have not watched it since sunday!

There is so much l like about Wales and London! l would love to live near the coast anywhere!

I am going to send this now. I wrote this on my mobile phone and so l can talk no responsibity for awful spelling and i l l 1 all mixed up! L and l look simular on my phone until I post!

Hope you're doing fabulously! l even wrote a couple of postcards which l must send tomorrow!


Daniel xxx
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